Auckland Showjumping

Showjumping Auckland's Autumn show this Saturday now has one ring

Due to the rain we have had to move ring 1 into the sand arena. This will follow ring 2's schedule.

The new timetable will be as follows:
8.30am start
Class 7 70cm (horse and pony)
Class 8 80cm (horse and pony)
Class 9 90cm (horse and pony)
Class 10 1m (horse and pony)
Class 11 1.05 (horse and pony)
Class 1 1.1m Horse
Class 3 1.1m Pony
Class 2 1.15m Horse
Class 5 1.2m Horse (speed)
Class 6 1.30-1.35 horse Mini GP

Bring your coins - we will have bacon and egg sandwiches & sausages.

PARKING: Enter via Gate 1. Due to the wet there will be limited parking in the paddock so we will mostly be parking around the 'ring road'.
Please keep this wonderful facility clean and tidy and leave any gates as you find them.

You can view entries online at

See you Saturday,