Auckland Showjumping


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We are now calling for applications from riders who wish to be considered for DYNAVYTE TEAM AUCKLAND

About the competition:

All riders must be from their nominated area. The provincial teams event is being held at the the

Teams will consist of 3 riders from ESNZ regional areas (there are 8 teams in the competition) - our area being AUCKLAND. (NOTE. Auckland area only, not Waitemata)

The competition will run over 1.30m for horses. There is no restriction on what horses can take part.

Competition: Run under Art 273 3.3.2 &273 4.3
First Round not against the clock but with time allowed. All team scores to count (unless eliminated )
Second round against the clock and with time allowed. Top four teams return for second round.

The Auckland Area Selection process:

We plan on selecting the team a couple of weeks out from each show that is holding a round of the competition. The team can & will change between shows depending on combinations recent form, who is going to the selected show etc. The team will be selected by an appointed local selection panel (appointed by the Show Jumping Auckland Committee).
Soft shell sports team jackets are being kindly supplied by our wonderful sponsors at DYNAVYTE for use during the competition.

Applications need to be emailed to: Melissa Marriner (you should get a reply to acknowledge your application, if not please resend or call Melissa 027 230 7946) BY 7pm 23rd October 2017.

If you have a horse currently jumping at 1.30m plus level and want to be considered, please apply. Also it is worth sending in an application if you have a horse likely to be competing at 1.30m or higher sometime during the team competition season and would like to be considered. The team of riders for each round of the competition will be selected from the pool of applicants.

Click here to download application form.

Happy jumping!!